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2007/07/24 THE COUNTRY. Medikua bizikletaz dator (gazteleraz)

40 doctors and nurses of Vitoria will come to the consultations to domicile on two wheels
TXEMA G. CURL - Vitoria

The figure of a doctor or a nurse covering the streets of Vitoria mounted in a blue bicycle with the anagram of Osakidetza, the Service Vasco de Salud, soon will begin to become a relative. About 40 primary health care professionals will come to visit to domicile his patients on two wheels in the capital of Alava. One
way of transport that brings together physical exercise, human closeness and respect to the environment. Although the above mentioned, in words of the manager of the Sanitary Region of Alava, Antonio de Blas, "is more symbolic than another thing".

The idea was proposed a few months ago by Carlos Parra, doctor of the health center of Lakua-Arriaga, an extensive and flat quarter, with enough pedestrian, very difficult areas to cover in motorcar. Antonio de Blas transmitted this possibility to the rest of the team that he exercises like doctors and nurses of head in the city and approximately 15 joined
doctors and 20 nurses. Immediately 15 bicycles were acquired. "All of them provided with a small basket and a broiler in order to which they could take with serviceability the briefcase of home attention", he tells Of Blas.

There is not doubt that the grateful orography of Vitoria invites to join to
the initiative. This way there waits for it the manager of this sanitary region, who is confident of extending to other areas of the territory the medical service in bike. "It is clear that in the Mountain Of Alava, with such a dispersed population, we will not obtain the same echo as in Amurrio or Salvatierra. But 130 doctors and 200 ATS that we have have to count
with the same means", it points.

Antonio de Blas thinks that a doctor coming in bicycle offers a more nearby image of the health. "In the fund, it is recaptured what has been during generations the family doctor, with whom the patients were supporting a relation that was going beyond the diagnosis of an illness and his treatment". And it him is not doubt of that the type
from urban development of many quarters of Vitoria it allows to come earlier in bike than in car. "Also you avoid all the problems of parking", he adds.

At the moment, the personnel that will begin using this transport way is employed at the ambulatory one of Olaguíbel and at the health centers of St Martin, Lakua-Arriaga, Lakuabizkarra, Sansomendi, Aranbizkarra II and Abetxuko.

It is measured for the sake of the environment and the sostenibilidad is not a fact isolated in Alava. In the last years, the sanitary persons in charge have taken measures to reduce the energy expense, to optimize the consumptions and to obtain a major efficiency and minor contamination. The elimination of the deposits has been achieved, like that,
tubes of diesel oil of the ambulatory one of Olaguíbel and of the health centers of Havana, Sansomendi and of the locality of Salvatierra, which now work with natural gas.

On the other hand, the health center of St Martin will install shortly term badges of thermal solar energy for feeding of the radiant soil like system of heating. It is not also necessary to forget other environmental measurements as the disposition of air curtains to avoid heat escapes, the changes of lights in Aranbizkarra I or the telegestión of the system of illumination and of the air conditioning in Olaguíbel, together with the adequacy of the plans of residues for the whole region.

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