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Class org.w3c.css.css.StyleSheetCom


public class StyleSheetCom
extends Object
implements HtmlParserListener

Constructor Index

 o StyleSheetCom()

Method Index

 o main(String[])
 o notifyActivity(int, long)
 o notifyConnection(URLConnection)
 o notifyCreateRoot(URL, HtmlTag)
Notifies root creation.
 o notifyEnd(HtmlTag)
Notifies successful termination.
 o notifyFatalError(HtmlTag, Exception, String)
Notifies a fatal error.


 o StyleSheetCom
 public StyleSheetCom()


 o main
 public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, MalformedURLException
 o notifyCreateRoot
 public void notifyCreateRoot(URL url,
                              HtmlTag root)
Notifies root creation. Sent when the parser builds the root of the HTML tree.

url - the URL being parsed.
root - the new root Tag for this parser.
 o notifyActivity
 public void notifyActivity(int lines,
                            long bytes)
 o notifyConnection
 public void notifyConnection(URLConnection cnx)
 o notifyEnd
 public void notifyEnd(HtmlTag root)
Notifies successful termination.

root - the root of the current Tree.
 o notifyFatalError
 public void notifyFatalError(HtmlTag root,
                              Exception x,
                              String s)
Notifies a fatal error. This notification is sent when the parser need to stop during or before parsing, due to an unexpected exception.

root - the root of the current Tree, if any.
x - the exception that cause the Parser stop
msg - an error message information

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