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Privacy politics
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Privacy politics

In the Observatory of the Bicycle we are conscious of the value that has for you his privacy. For it, only we need some personal fact - like his name or his e-mail - when it is definitely necessary to facilitate the information to him, services that it requests us or to get in touch with you. In such a case, we will communicate to him that we are going to keep this information and the purpose of this collection before you send them to us.

It does not have obligation to provide to us all the information that we request him; only the definitely essential ones to be able to provide to him what he wishes or get in touch with you. We will indicate them to him with an asterisk (*), and in no case the fact that it should not provide not obligatory information he will suppose that you are going to receive a service of minor quality.

The personal information that it facilitates to us will be stored in one or several files that will allow us an automated treatment of the same ones and, therefore, a major agility at the time of giving him our services. According to the type of information that they contain, the files are registered at his level of corresponding protection in the protection Agency of Information.

If you have provided personal information to us in some moment, he can practise when he wishes the rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation foreseen in the protection Law of Information of Personal Character, writing to us an e-mail to info

KALAPIE, Hirikio Txirrindularien Elkartea
C.I.F.: G-20315354
E-mail: info

Information transfer to companies

If to provide the information to him, services that you need from us had to be appealed by us to some company (Post office or a company of courier service or transports, for example), only will provide the definitely essential information to them so that they realize his assignment and it prohibits itself them to use this information with no other purpose.

Identification of the computer. Cookies.

So that the web site works ideally, sometimes it is necessary to obtain diverse information of the computer that gains access to her or to identify it. For example, to be able to take into account the visits that the place receives, to know what type of navigator every user uses or to prevent the user from having to select the language in which he wishes the web to appear to him whenever he gains access to her. In no case this identification provides personal information about you to us or to we allow to know the content of his computer.

For the mentioned identification, there are usually used a few files of text called "cookies" that are stored temporarily in his computer. They are absolutely innocuous and they have a very small size. The web site consults the "cookies" automatically when you gain access to him, and thanks to it it can show him the content in the language that it selected previously, between many other possible functions. You can form his Internet navigator so that he does not accept cookies, but in this case it is possible that it could not use all the functionalities that the web site offers him.

Update of this declaration

It is possible that in some moment we have to realize changes in our Politics of Privacy to adapt it to the current laws in every moment. For it, we recommend to him to gain access to this page whenever he is going to send to us personal information.

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