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  • New date for the trip ciclofotográfico

    trip ciclofotografico

    It dates: On Saturday, the 3rd of October

    Hour: 11:00

    Exit: Raised area of the Kuursal

  • European week of the Sustainable Mobility


    San Sebastian, one more year, has loved to join to the Week of the European Sustainable Mobility, this year under the motto: It improves the climate of your city. This initiative is directed to achieve a form of more efficient displacement with the resources and the energy, and less noisy. For the starting of this project to interdiscipline and cross street there have joined the Departments of Environment and Mobility of the consistory donostiarra and the Foundation Cristina Enea, being provided also with the collaboration of the Observatory of the Bicycle of San Sebastian and the Association Kalapie.

    Do not get lost the program!

  • Audio-visual projection: "Salty north - sweet South"

    Rosa Lizaso y Mikel Bringas, two experienced ones cicloviajeros, they will present the experience lived after his trip in bike across the whole Europe.


  • Exhibition "Move Together"

    The exhibition, which will remain in the Center of Environmental Resources of Cristina Enea, from September 16 until October 5, presents the project of the European Union Move Together for the sustainable mobility.

  • Seminar on urban Mobility and processes participativos

    Organized by the Town hall of San Sebastian and the Foundation Cristina Enea, Monday, the 21st of September, Eduardo Malagón, will give the Workshop of Urban Mobility and Processes Participativos

  • Trip CICLOFOTOGRÁFICO for the Donostia bidegorris

    When: On September 19

    Exit: Kursaal

    Hour: 11:00

  • 18 bus lines allow to take bikes in San Sebastian. DV 22/07/09

    The measurement started on August 9 and one applies to the trajectories towards the high quarters

  • The bidegorris network will overcome the next year 55 kilometers with new rails. DV 05/08/09

    Elorza announces that a new Plan will include ten more kilometers, to which it is necessary to add the two that have joined in the Morlans tunnels.

  • Marcos García Campo, member of the secretariat of the Coordinating committee ConBici: "To affirm that the sustainable mobility rests and to subsidize the cars buy is contradictory". CONSUMER EROSKI 10/06/09

    The coordinating committee ConBici, which assembles 47 cyclists' associations in Spain and Portugal, has claimed recently the same institutional helps anticrisis of the car sector to encourage the pedestrian and cycle mobility and the public transport. In the opinion of Marcos García Campo (A Coruna, 1974), member of the secretariat of ConBici, the sustainable mobility generates more stable employment and does not spoil the environment. Nevertheless, in spite of the ecological advantages and for the health of the bicycle, García Campo makes sure that in Spain his use is residual because there do not happen the safety conditions, serviceability and promotion of this transport. For it, it concludes, the countries of the center and north of Europe take us many years of advantage.

  • March Pasaia - Donostia

    Kalapie invites us to see the video - assembly of the march of last May 29.

    See to the following direction and enjoy it!!

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