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The State of the network of aparca-bikes

The availability of a comfortable parking for bicycles and sure, both in the origin and in the destination of the displacements is an essential condition to assure a normalized use of the bicycle. To date of December, 2006, the entire number of squares of parking for available bicycles was 4.121. The Observatory realizes a pursuit based on the half-yearly analysis of the functioning of the park of parkings with the target to propose the enlargement of the number of squares of already existing points and to propose the installation of new points of parking in the city. Also the following aspects are evaluated: - The level of occupation of the parkings. - The signaling of the points of parking. - The maintenance of the moorings. - Other possible problems. - The general accessibility of the park of parkings.

Report Study of Aparcabicis 2006 [26-01-2007]

Study of the parking of bicycles in Donostia-San.

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