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  • Kalapie
    Association of Urban Cyclists of Donostia, which works from 1989 so that the bicycle turns into a way worthy of displacement, and there is favored the echo - mobility that most of the citizens practise: pedestrians, users of the public transport, and persons with problems of mobility.
  • ConBici
    Coordinating committee in Defense of the Bicycle, entity that groups 37 cyclists' associations of the Iberian Peninsula, and is employed actively at the promotion of the bicycle and the defense of the interests of the cyclists
  • It pedals for the city (Ayto de San Sebatian)
    Maps of the rails - bikes of the city, advices and recommendations. Also it is provided with information about establishments of rent of bicycles and about visits guided in bicycle
  • Web of the Statutory Delegation of Gipuzkoa
  • Dedicated to the users of the bicycle, it contains a visualizador of the Cycle Network of Gipuzkoa.
  • Deuzplusdeux (Twoplustwo)
    Web pages to consult and to buy accessories for the bike of scarce distribution in Gipuzkoa, like carts for children, tows, etc. as well as types of not conventional bikes (folding, leaned, electrical bikes, tricycles, etc.).
  • Amigosdelciclismo
    Advices on basic mechanics of a simple and understandable form, to help to understand how there works your bicycle, his components and how to solve any problems that can appear in any moment.
  • Canadiancontent (Cycling)
    Resource of multiple linkage related to the bicycle prepared and supported on the web page Canadian content
  • Euskal Herria in bike, my first trip
    Hello friends and friends, we invite you to know my first trip: Euskal Herria in bike. We count it by means of an audio-visual projection, in Basque or in Spanish, as he should love. Also his beginning and end they are located in Donostia. Also, there is foreseen the publication of a book of the trip.

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