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Use conditions

On this page he can read the conditions under which The Observatory of the Bicycle provides contents and services to him from this web site, and which you accept for the fact of gaining access to him. There are the Conditions of Use of the web site.

Identification of our company
The Observatory of the Bicycle does not have a proper juridical indentidad, for what we recount the Kalapie information:

KALAPIE, Hiriko Txirrindularien Elkartea
C.I.F.: G-20315354
E-mail: info
Inscribed in the Record of Associations of the Department of Presidency of the Basque Government with the number GRASP / G / 02034/1990, with registered office in the street Anoeta, 28-1, of Donostia-San

Acceptance of these Conditions
The fact that he gains access to this web site it implies that it knows, understands and accepts the Conditions of Use in the existing version at the moment of the access. Since, according to the current legal regulations in every moment, the Conditions can suffer modifications, we recommend to him to consult them whenever he gains access to this web site, as well as our Politics of Privacy.

Object of the place. Responsibilities exclusion.
Across this web site, we provide information about the services and/or products that we offer or commercialize. This information is offered as the user can see it, without accepting The Observatory of the Bicycle any responsibility for possible damages caused for:

ˇ The nonexistence of the information or the services and/or offered products, his inaccuracy, his absence of update or the existence of mistakes in the access to part or to the totality of the contents of this web site or of others to which he could gain access from this one.

ˇ The loss of information or damages in teams caused by the use of this web site or of others to which he could gain access from this one.

Use of the web site
You realize that the use of this web site takes place under his only and exclusive responsibility, and this way volunteer accepts it and definitely on having gained access to him.

He consents, also, in not using any of the contents included in the web site for ends that are illicit or go against the public order, the morality and the good customs commonly recognized. In particular, and without it supposing a limitation to here statement, you compromise also not to obtain, to reproduce or to distribute the contents showed in this web site if it is not for personal use and in any lucrative case.

Intellectual property rights
All the marks, trade names or distinctive signs of any class that appear in the web site are a property of Kalapie or of third, without it c be understood that the access to the web site grants you some right on the said marks, trade names and/or distinctive signs.

Also, the contents are an intellectual property of our company or of third, without none of the rights c understand transferred you of development that exist or could exist on them.

Applicable legislation
These Conditions of Use are ruled by the Spanish legislation. Kalapie and the user submit to the Courts and Courts of Donosta - San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa) for any controversy that could derive from the service of the services object of these Conditions of Use.

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